Pretend it’s all LOVE

By: SnowMan


A year I would wait just to see you,

A thousand miles I would run just to hug you.

Ten thousand suns I would burn in just to get a tingle from your touch.

Wars I would wage just to protect you from the things I have seen.

But would you do the same for me?

Would you even cry for me if I was to walk away?

Would you run after me if I lay down in front of a speeding car?

Just so that we die together and go to nirvana.

Dear lover please take pity on my heart,

It was not meant to love another.

Our fates are like the stars, together,

We light up the sky with our love fury passion energy.

But alone the darkness is too much for me,

And I fear I might just lose myself in the abyss

Of my own suffering.


She Is Death

She comes in the night like a secret lover,

Telling your ears sweet little lies.

Calling you out to the sea,

Promising you euphoria for eternity.

Her body is home to the demons which

Run wild in our heads, her veins are filled

With ice and her eyes are enchanted to

Steal the hearts of lost souls.

She is always there right beside you, Continue reading “She Is Death”