Good Morning.

My thoughts of you only bring pain and pleasure,
The pain of you never being truly mine and the pleasure of having to fall for you.
Your skin is chocolate dipped in golden honey,
Your legs give me a rush of blood as my eyes wander along them.
Your breast may be small but they are golden. 
Your lips, the smell like heaven.
But your body is not what I’m after, 
I want to know your soul and have a connection 
So that when we are old and no longer young I want to look at you and say “you are the utter most beautiful person in world”.

-Mabuchi Nyirenda.


Pretend it’s all LOVE

By: SnowMan


A year I would wait just to see you,

A thousand miles I would run just to hug you.

Ten thousand suns I would burn in just to get a tingle from your touch.

Wars I would wage just to protect you from the things I have seen.

But would you do the same for me?

Would you even cry for me if I was to walk away?

Would you run after me if I lay down in front of a speeding car?

Just so that we die together and go to nirvana.

Dear lover please take pity on my heart,

It was not meant to love another.

Our fates are like the stars, together,

We light up the sky with our love fury passion energy.

But alone the darkness is too much for me,

And I fear I might just lose myself in the abyss

Of my own suffering.


Written by Mabuchi Nyirenda (SnowMan)

  • How long will I love thee?
  • As long as the sun still sets and raises above your head.
  • How long will I love thee?
  • As long as the stars shine bright in the night sky.
  • How long will I wait for thee?
  • For as long as dusk becomes dawn.
  • And dawn becomes dusk.

In this world all I have is my word and a promise to you.

Mother Earth

  • From the day my eyes first laid on
  • you, my mind lost thought at your
  • sheer beauty and vibe.
  • Many have broken you but each day you still have hope,
  • You still believe in the good of Men even after they destroy you.
  • But you can not lose faith in us for you are the reason we are still here.
  • So you mustn’t worry, we will protect you from the wicked
  • Men who wish to cause you any more harm
  • For you are our Mother, our MOTHER EARTH.

Side Note 1: Broken Hearted Girl

By: Mabuchi Nyirenda

From her to him


We were meant to see the world together

But you walked out on us.

You told me you loved me but

Was it nothing but the devil’s truth?

The words you said to my ears

Were euphoric and I fell

In love with your pretty white lies.

I lost myself in your web of deceit,

Intoxicated by your boy charms

I fell deeper into this false reality.

A piece of me is lost within you,

And I will never get it back.


To my lover,

My love for you is like the ocean,

Raging against the lands.

Attacking and retreating non-stop until the ends of time.

For forever and a half, I will be by your side.

Two bodies intertwined as one.


But sometimes Oceans are harsh

And not everyone can ride them.

I’m giving you a promise of forever and a half

When we know we are dying,

Standing by your side in the shadows for forever

But this place is getting darker.


You are a piece of art whose beauty

Cannot be understood by the masses

But only to those who hearts you have touched.

But dear lover Men go mad at the sight of

your beauty so come with me

and I will show you my room in the


– Mabuchi